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About SVSM

Sri Venkatachalapathy Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd was founded in 1989 with a commitment to excellence in the textile industry. Specializing in the production of 100% Cotton Yarn through Open End spinning (OE) techniques, we have honed our expertise to deliver top-quality yarn that meets the highest standards. Moreover, leveraging our expertise and vertical integration, we have expanded into manufacturing Cotton Grey Fabric using our own superior-quality yarn. This integration ensures the continuity of quality from the initial yarn production to the creation of Cotton Grey Fabric, meeting the diverse needs of our clients. With a legacy of over three decades, our focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction remains unwavering, making us a trusted name in the textile manufacturing landscape.

We SVSM Emphasise on Customer Satisfaction − Developing Solid, Long Term Relationship with Our Customers.


At Sri Venkatachalapathy Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd, we prioritize latest technology to manufacture top-tier yarn and fabric, meeting the growing demand for exceptional quality in today's market. Our commitment to excellence starts from the raw materials, meticulously monitored to ensure optimal quality throughout the production process. We maintain stringent Quality Control measures, coupled with robust supervision and impeccable housekeeping practices within our spinning mill. This dedication ensures that our products consistently meet and exceed industry standards, fostering a culture of excellence and reliability. In line with government regulations, we provide our employees with all necessary facilities and adhere to prescribed guidelines. Their well-being and satisfaction are integral to our operations, fostering an environment that nurtures their expertise and dedication. This, in turn, contributes significantly to our ability to consistently deliver superior quality products that cater to our customer’s diverse needs and preferences.

Our Products


we manufacture 100% Cotton Open End (OE) Yarn counts varying from 8s to 30s and 2/10s to 2/30s.


We manufacture 100% Cotton Grey Fabric as per the Counts, EPI/PPI, Inches and Weave specification required by the buyer using our own yarn.


Sri Venkatachalapathy Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd,

454, Kothankulam Village,

Srivilliputhur Road,

Rajapalayam − 626117,

Tamilnadu, India.

Email: svsmills6003@gmail.com

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K.Vinesh Raja

Executive Director

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Ph: +91 9677727603

I.K.Jothi Pandian

Office Manager

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